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Happy Women's HISTORY month!

I’ve been thinking of the best way I can help FEMALE FOUNDERS and MARKETPLACE LEADERS elevate and increase and I think I've come up with IT!

One of those is by offering LASER TARGETED COACHING in a specific area of expertise that I have MASTERED and that I get asked to help the most.




Let's make some history!

I'm going to help (5) women in each of these areas via a VIRTUAL GROUP VIP DAY.

Yes, I’m limiting each group to (5) so that I know I can help you get the results you desire in one INTENSE day of building.

I’ve drastically cut my DAY rate down by 1k, Soooooa, all you have to do is invest the $499.99 or choose one of the installments, then you’ll join me and 4 other women in BUILDING that LEAD GENERATION SYSTEM, Automating that Customer Acquisition Experience (aka SALES OR REGISTRATION FUNNEL) from start to finish and lastly I'll host one on leveling up your BRAND.

Plus, I'm ADDING, affordable graphic design for that one EVENT or PRODUCT that we prepare for RELEASE,

Here’s what you need in order to qualify:

  1. A real business ie: you have your LLC, INC or NON-PROFIT
  2. A Vision of who you’re called to SERVE
  3. Willingness to WORK at least (4 to 5) hours to BUILDING

Make sense?

Let’s GO!

Apostle Dwann

P.S, - Any questions EMAIL OR TEXT 877.595.9117 if you’re in Jacksonville, or nearby and you’re interested in coming together in person, in box me and if I get at least (5) of you’ll I’ll hold one in person as well.

Here's what a COHESIVE EVENT - SOCIAL CAMPAIGN LAUNCH LOOKS LIKE - it's your BONUS when you sign up today! NORMALLY $299.99

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