Prophetic Education Starter Pack

This PROPHETIC EDUCATION STARTER PACK is for prophets of all ages and levels. However, was especially developed for those wanting a better foundation or to STRENGTHEN the foundation FROM A to Z.


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Once you take these courses, you will no longer have to be ashamed or embarrased about what you know you don't know.

This package was developed especially for Prophets and Prophetic Voices who know they are being used prophetically and will be used but who also realize due to where they come from or even their religious background they've never really had the opportunity to receive a SOLID FOUNDATION in Prophetic Ministry.

These teaching will challenge what you know and push you to study your Bible more as a prophetic vessel of God. 


Course Content

Prophetic Student Testimonials

Prophetic Bootcamp has ignited the activation, impartation, tutelage and corrective way of teaching in my life. This course has torn down traditional walls, man deposited concepts, awakened dreams, ignited the prophetic gift upon my life by adding prophetic character, breaking the chord of fear & defining my identity. Get educated in knowing the difference in the Unction to prophesy vs being born into the prophetic which God given. If you are operating as a prophetic vessel of God, these bootcamps are for you! Get stretched beyond your now!!

The course is transformational. The lenses through which you see things pertaining to the prophetic will forever be changed. For those who desire it ...the scriptures, history, perspective, instruction, fellowship, revelation etc. gained in during the course will help you transition to a level of consciousness competence in the prophetic from that of unconsciousness competence or even incompetence in some areas. If we truly desire to seek the best gifts, as the Apostle Paul urges us to do, we must honor God by seeking to be competent in those same 'best' gifts because we serve a God who is excellent in all things... for His name alone is Excellent (Ps 143:13)

My ability to prophesy definitely increased because my call was validated, I was FREE to be who God had called me to be in a accepting setting and I was encouraged to prophesy. I was taught that ALL Christians should be able to prophesy at the basic level and to get into the word of God and stand on the word of God. I learned that as I stepped out confidently trusting God on a basic level he would give me more as I opened up my mouth and just did it. Yep! It was true, as I began to step out of my comfort zone and apply what I had learned my ability to prophesy increased in a measurable way.

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