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Prophetic Education Starter Pack

This PROPHETIC EDUCATION STARTER PACK is for prophets of all ages and levels. Especially developed for those wanting a better foundation or to STRENGTHEN the foundation - USE COUPON CODE 2020 TODAY

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Prophetic Education Starter Pack


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7 Keys To Transition As A Prophet

On a weekly basis I'm called to minister to, guide and provide apostolic and prophetic insight to prophets in transition or preparing to transition. Transition can be tough forProphets especially when you're NOT exactly sure where God is leading you and when it seems like no matter how much YOU know that transition is HERE, others don't. 
That's why I was led to do a SPECIAL (60) MINUTE webinar call called 7 KEYS TO TRANSITION AS APROPHET . I'm still receiving many thanks for that session. 
I went ahead and got the whole session TRANSCRIBED (28 pages) and today, I'm making that pdf of the transcription AND the mp3 recording of the session available for you to keep forever for just 19.99 - WHEN YOU ORDER TODAY RECEIVE FREE BONUS MP3 WEBINAR DOWNLOAD (TEACH ME HOW TO PROPHESY which explains HOW and WHY every BELIEVER should be able to PROHESY


Dwann Holmes 


  • The full 28-page Transcripts of SPECIAL (60 MINUTE) WEBINAR via PDF ($27.00 value)

  • Downloadable mp3 Recording of SPECIAL (60 MINUTE) WEBINAR   (19.99 value)

  • TOTAL VALUE :  $46.99

  • ON SALE TODAY: 19.99

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