Need Help Sorting Through Your Call Outside the Church?

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Or are you a Prophet or PROPHETIC VOICE and you KNOW God has called you to PROFIT in the Marketplace?

Hey there, Dwann Holmes of Jacksonville, here.

I have something to tell you.

Just because you're not called to preach doesn't mean you're NOT called by God!

And even if you're called to preach and prophesy, you still can PROFIT and create great streams of INCOME with purity and not perversion.

God can use you outside of the church just as much as He can use you in the church.

As a matter of fact, I propose He wants to use you THERE in the marketplace, on your job, via your career, more than you even realize!

For real!

That's what ministry in the marketplace is all about.

That's what this Masterclass is all about too.

Helping people like you, who have strong prophetic voices PLUS a strong acumen for not just making money but for creating STREAMS.

Sometimes, you're made to feel like "the devil" if you're a believer who is also keen on living the life of your dreams by making sure you're monetizing and stewarding well what God has blessed you with.

But that doesn't have to be the case.

When I was on TV NEWS, I knew God was sending me in to certain places and spaces to represent HIM.

Yes, though I'm a Pastor in Jacksonville, Florida right now, I used to be a TV News Anchor reporter for years before God transitioned me to entrepreneurship and then Prophetic Ministry.

But no matter what, I still make money and create streams not just for me but for others in the marketplace. And MEDIA is a huge part of EVERYTHING I do.

Along my journey, God gave me a revelation about Ministry In The Marketplace.


And I teach all about it in this MASTERCLASS.

The goal is to really help you and others like you EMBRACE who God is calling you to be RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE.

Just like that book: BLOOM WHERE YOU'RE PLANTED encourages people to "bloom in the church God has them, this masterclass teaches you to really focuse in on the SPHERE OF INFLUENCE God has alreaydy place you, whether it's ENTERTAINMENT, HEALTH CARE, GOVERNMENT or any other industry.

You don't have to apologize, for being called to do great exploits for the KINGDOM outside the church!

Embrace it and allow my MARKETPLACE master-class to confirm what you already know and to shed some light on what you may need help with.

One of the things I talk about in my book: The Global Call To Marketplace Ministry is how this is the season that all believers, including prophets or prophetic ministers must be willing to own their path, in the marketplace.

Listen in to this sample from the audio book.

Yes, as a Marketplace Prophet You CAN Profit on Purpose with Integrity.

You don't have to rely on "offerings" to take care of you.

Nor should you.

Now don't get me wrong, if you're a traveling Evangelistic Prophet, we understand that you're a workman worthy of your hire.

But, I'm talking to those of you, who've been hesitant about truly embracing your call to MONETIZE what God has placed on the inside of you.

You've been hesitant, simply because you don't want people to mistake you for a perverted prophetic voice.

And you definitely don't want that cancel culture to HIT!! (whew)

However, when God places the ability to monetize and the spirit of MULTIPLICATION upon, He expects you to STEWARD the MANTLE WELL, whether you're a MARKETPLACE PROPHET working as Chief Marketing Officer Or NOT.

He expects you to SPEAK UP when you KNOW you can make that difference.

He expects you to USE YOUR PROPHETIC MANTLE even in the BOARD ROOM!

He expects you to BE A PROPHET ALL THE TIME and to NOT let others who don't understand your capacity to ruin your witness.

This masterclass, gives you the BASICS of all this and provides a great starting point for HOW and WHAT you should be MANIFESTING right where you are in the MARKETPLACE.

Plus, you'll also recieve an AUTOGRAPHED copy of my book, The Global Call To Marketplace Ministry!!

Here's what some of my mentees say about how I've helped them

Meet Dwann Holmes

I love Media, Marketing, Mentorship and Ministry. I'm also an award winning journalist, nominated for a few Emmys, and named TOP 30 Future Leader by Ebony Magazine way back in 2000 and most recently made my way back to the top of Amazon's Best Sellers for my book, The Global Call To Marketplace Ministry.

I'm Founder of GICMP, Church Designs Now, Dwann Holmes Training & Media and of Global Prophetic Life Training & Worship Embassy where I serve as Lead Pastor.

Last but not least, I LOVE showing prophetic voices how they can PROFIT (with STREAMS OF INCOME) IN THEIR PURPOSE using their MANTLE IN THE MARKETPLACE without PERVERSION.

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Here's What You Get You Enroll Today!

First you'll get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to ON-DEMAND Ministry In The Marketplace Masterclass. Second, you'll receive and autographed copy of Dwann Holmes' book: The Global Call To Marketplace Ministry !



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