Jacksonville School of Prophets

Need a safe place to use your prophetic gifting while being taught what it means to be a Prophetic Voice of the 21st century? Need to know how to STAY in the process while God is stretching your mantle? This monthly course was created just for you. Register today.


Here's What You Will Learn!


The best benefit of going through this ordination track for me is the solid applicable education. I have gained more confidence in my mantle and the prophetic overall. My favorite two modules are Prophetic Intercession and Prophetic Homiletics. However, I loved Prophesy Like a Prophet and Developing Your Prophetic Philosophy from Bootcamp 202. All of these have taught me how to pray effectively. I have learned how to prophetically pray to shift an atmosphere ( my church has 2 services on Sundays) my pastor has assigned me to do intercessory prayer for both. I have done this consistently since May of last year, it is because of the teachings I've learned to effectively pray. Also with the prophetic Homiletics, it gave me an understanding of the science of prophetic preaching. It also gave me wisdom that I can use go into any denomination and still preach or teach as a prophet. This track will show you whether or not you are really who you said God said you are!

Benefit of the ordination track for me has been the realistic information that is made available and shared by others. Some of the information made available resonates as confirmation of something experienced or lived. The track gives you the principles and foundational information needed to function as a prophet that confirmed some of my thoughts,feelings and studies that most people will not share with you - even if they see you’re in that vein. 2. The module that would be a favorite would be prophetic intercession. Learning that the connection between intercession and music causes spiritual power to be released. I knew this was something I experienced during worship and intercession but the module confirmed that worship makes you become spiritually sharp PIW -

TESTIMONY FROM MARKETPLACE PROPHET SHANI BROWN - ATLANTA GEORGIA "One of the best decisions I ever made was connecting with Apostle Dwann in the midst of my transition. I'm so happy I followed the voice of the Lord.The first evidence was that I had peace and wasn't having to fight internal and external wars any longer. Her structured environment changed my perception and thought processes and put a demand on my calling to come into alignment. She helped me move from desire to responsibility" What helped me through my transition was the spiritual food that was served and I was able to focus on the things that were important to me and use what Apostle Dwann provided to my benefit, because what she offers is more specialized to my call and my office.

The number 1- benefit of going through this track for me is being part of a prophetic company that I can wear this mantle and communicate with other prophetic types that are loving and treat me like a sister who has experienced so much hurt, Knowing I am not alone in this process and using the gift God gave me. Actually seeing some fruit manifest. All the modules that I have listened to bring clarity and richness of the word of God. are my favorite, My favorite right now is being a 21st-century prophetic type. Understanding the deep things you bring to life, Learning ways to dig deeper. The timeline of events and how God will take us higher to that space of grace to prophesy things to come..

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