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Does God deal with you prophetically but you sometimes get stuck incorporating what He shows you supernaturally into a sermon.

Are you a prophet but never had an opportunity to go to Seminary or Bible College and you know you need to understand the do's and don'ts of sermon preparation 101 and definitely prophetic sermon preparation.

Or have you gone to your local church's ministerial training, but you know you need more education in prophetic preaching?

Or you could be a spectacular preacher with an MDIV, but now, all of a sudden GOD IS AWAKENING THE PROPHETIC IN YOU and you need help quickly understanding how to have a BETTER prophetic flow!!

If you answered yes, TO ANY OF THESE questions you are not alone.

Listen, I have seen every kind of prophetic voice you can imagine come through my prophetic institute.

From novices to thought leaders.

But no matter what. The one thing they all seem to understand is that this NEW "prophetic thing" God is doing in them, means they need more help.

Sound about right?

There are many who have your same concerns that you probably aren't so willing to SHOUT OUT LOUD.

After, all, you know how to preach!

You know how to do a OPEN STRONG and you know how to find and settle on 3 points that will bless the people. You even know how to find the pericope.

But when it comes to the prophetic and all the VISIONS God is giving you and all the mysteries HE is whispering in your ear, you have to admit, this is where you need a bit more help!


No problem.

That's exactly why I developed this ALL-INCLUSIVE Preacher's Bundle.

For you, the teaching and preaching prophet.

THIS PROPHETIC PREACHER'S BUNDLE includes 8 modules that make up the GICMP PROPHETIC BOOTCAMP INTENSIVE that help to bolster your prophetic foundation and understanding of PROPHETIC MINISTRY.

Plus this bundle includes the 12 - MODULE course PROPHETIC HOMILETICS "The Art of Prophetic Preaching" and lastly, this includes the mini-webinar series - YOUR PROPHETIC MANTLE. (3) Webinar teachings on what it really means to EMBRACE YOUR PROPHETIC MANTLE whether or not you've been affirmed as a PROPHET OF GOD publicly.

If you know you are called to PREACH the WORD and when you preach there is ALWAYS a prophetic unction, that includes prophetic visions and more, this PROPHETIC PREACHER'S BUNDLE was developed specifically for you, no matter where you are in your journey.

You'll have ACCESS to all modules so you can study at own pace.

Listen to this short WELCOME VIDEO below that explains a bit more of what's included in PROPHETIC BOOTCAMP!

If you're ready to make sure you have a great FOUNDATION in the prophetic once and for all, this 8 MODULE course is exactly what you need to CONNECT the DOTS and solidify what you already know.

No matter what level of the prophetic you believe you operate in, this course taught by me, Apostle Dwann will indeed bring clarity and help you also operate in the pulpit with confidence and balance while embracing your unique prophetic flow.

Click the video below to hear more about Prophetic Bootcamps and be sure to check out what some of our other students and alumni have to say.

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Here's What You Will Learn in this PROPHETIC PREACHER'S BUNDLE!

Part 1: The State and Purpose of Prophetics

Part 2: The Purpose of Prophecy and the Prophet

Part 3: The Purpose of God’s Prophet

Part 4: Knowing the Purpose of Prophetic Protocol

Part 1: Understanding Your Prophetic Status

Part 2: Prophesy like a Prophet

Part 3: Prophetic Consecration for Preparation

Part 4: Developing Your Prophetic Philosophy

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Meet Your Instructor - Apostle Dwann Holmes

Dwann Holmes is the founder of The Global Institute of Church & Marketplace Prophets aka GICMP located in Jacksonville, Florida. She is a PROPHETIC MENTOR, teacher and instructor to thousands every year via GICMP.

She also has a mandate to affirm prophets at her annual Prophetic Convocation (see 2021 Highlights) She is an award-winning Broadcast Journalist by TRADE and MEDIA MAVEN who trains MINISTRY LEADERS and ENTREPRENEURS of FAITH for success in and outside of the church through her digital media firm BRAND ON-DEMAND media.

APOSTLE is the author of The Global Call To Marketplace Ministry : A A Practical Guide To Ministry Outside The Church which explains the BASICS of Marketplace Ministry and most recently co-authored the book COMMANDING YOUR MONEY. SHE lives in the Jacksonville suburb of Fleming Island with her 2 young adult daughters.

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Word of the Lord released by Apostle John Echkardt

Highlights from Prophetic Convocation 2021 - Jacksonville, FL



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7 Keys To Transition As A Prophet

On a weekly basis I'm called to minister to, guide and provide apostolic and prophetic insight to prophets in transition or preparing to transition. Transition can be tough forProphets especially when you're NOT exactly sure where God is leading you and when it seems like no matter how much YOU know that transition is HERE, others don't. 
That's why I was led to do a SPECIAL (60) MINUTE webinar call called 7 KEYS TO TRANSITION AS APROPHET . I'm still receiving many thanks for that session. 
I went ahead and got the whole session TRANSCRIBED (28 pages) and today, I'm making that pdf of the transcription AND the mp3 recording of the session available for you to keep forever for just 19.99 - WHEN YOU ORDER TODAY RECEIVE FREE BONUS MP3 WEBINAR DOWNLOAD (TEACH ME HOW TO PROPHESY which explains HOW and WHY every BELIEVER should be able to PROHESY


Dwann Holmes 


  • The full 28-page Transcripts of SPECIAL (60 MINUTE) WEBINAR via PDF ($27.00 value)

  • Downloadable mp3 Recording of SPECIAL (60 MINUTE) WEBINAR   (19.99 value)

  • TOTAL VALUE :  $46.99

  • ON SALE TODAY: 19.99

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