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What is the Apostolic Women Business Mastermind?

This BUSINESS/CAREER MASTERMIND WILL BE LED BY PROPHETIC MENTOR, AUTHOR & SERIAL ENTREPRENEUR & COACH, DWANN HOLMES and STARTS in October 2021 - October 2022 In order to meet your 2022 BUSINESS AND FINANCIAL GOALS it's important to implement a clear strategy and plan.

This is For High-Achieving Apostolic Women In Corporate America & MARKETPLACE ENTREPRENEURS & LEADERS who appreciate spiritual re-enforcement & prophetic insight that will help you ADVANCE in your career and SCALE your business.

Here's How You'll Know if this particular BUSINESS - LEADERSHIP MASTERMIND

is for you!

This is for those FEMALE BUSINESS & MINISTRY LEADERS who know your NEXT LEVEL comes with true innovative support but you also understand hearing from other like-minded WOMEN OF FAITH who are similar to you may be very helpful.

But allow me to CLARIFY ...this is not and will not be a SELF-HELP EMOTIONAL SUPPORT GROUP although along the way you will clearLy benefit from the spiritual release.

This is for you if you KNOW you need more direction regarding proven strategies, systems and organization that will help you scale from barely making 6-figures.

This is for you if you are ALREADY making 6-figures in your career but you haven’t been able to formulate how to transition that to your BUSINESS.

This is for you if you have the plan but you are truly having a challenge implementing or you NEED real feedback from a seasoned BUSINESS leader who can identify your gaps and holes and help you.

You know you need clear help with what it takes to make your email list PROFITABLE all year long.

You know you need clear help with what processes and systems need to be automated etc …

You must be willing to IMPLEMENT!

This is NOT for you if:

You tend to do a lot fo whining and complaining and NO IMPLEMENTATION

You tend to have great ideas but aren’t willing to do what it takes to MANIFEST

You want someone to just do the work for you

You’re not willing to be transparent regarding your NUMBERS and where you are and where you want to be

You’re in the middle of a clear financial crisis

You’re looking for friend and not a “coach”

You’re into the BLAME GAME and not willing to take responsibility for what you don’t know

You’re into asking for REFUNDS after you haven’t done the work

You love having a hobby but not willing to truly implement what’s needed to make it an authentic business

You ARE easily OFFENDED!!!


If this makes sense and you're ready to ELEVATE & SCALE, let's work together!

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If you're interested in speaking with our FUNDING - FINANCING PARTNER to see if you or your BUSINESS qualifies for a monthly investment plan, where you pay over time text 877.595.9117 and we will connect you.



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